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Indian Magique -- IndianMagique offers a rich variety of services to magicians and magic lovers alike. Articles, reviews, news reports, events, research papers, interviews, chat, email, ecommerce, we have it all - deal
Indian Magicians' Orkut community -- Indian Magicians' Community in Orkut. A unique community for Indian Magicians'.
Indian Magicians' Mailing Group -- Receive News on Indian Magic and Magicians'
Talkmagic -- An open source Magic group fouded by Uday Jadugar
Nexus Magic Trick Forums -- Here magicians from all around the world can talk magic technique, theory, and props surrounding the word of Magic.
Magicworld -- An open magicgroup. Member magicians can upload video, write or discuss anything related to magic.
Indian Magicians Facebook Fan Page -- Indian Magicians' Fan page on Facebook. Get latest update on Indian Magic and Magicians, events etc...
Indian Magicians on Google Plus -- Indian Magicians' Google plus page. Get latest updates on Magic and Magicians, events and more...